FY 2020 Approved Projects

Organization Project Name Funding Type  Amount Description
Central Alabama Regional Child Advocacy Center Child Abuse Prevention & Mandatory Reporter Education Education/ General  $          2,800.00 CARCAC will provide education presentations on child abuse prevention and mandatory reporter requirements in Bibb and Hale counties throughout the year. Target audiences will be the general public and employees of youth serving organizations such as churches, medical offices and school systems. 
West Blocton Improvement Committee Cahaba Lily Center Building Conservation General  $       15,000.00 To Help Replace Roof. 
West Blocton Public Library Library Update Education  $          4,000.00 To purchase books, sound system, and computer spftwares to help better our community. 
The Neighborhood House Tutoring Center Summer Reading and Math Enrichment Education  $          4,000.00 The Neighborhood House Tutoring Center will provide a structured, proven self-learning program that gives elementary and middle school children the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new materials and bridge the gap that many students loose during the summer months.
Town of Woodstock Woodstock Community Library Technology & Reading Upgrade Education  $          6,200.00 To Upgrade bookshelves throughout the library.  
Bibb County Conservation District FFA Forestry Career Event, Teacher Workshop Education  $          2,500.00 A three day workshop to train ag teachers for the FFA Forestry Career event.
Hubbertville FCCLA Making it happen Education  $          7,200.00 To purchase materials to teach my students how to assist in planning and carrying out events in our school and community. This will be valuable tool for the students as they can use this training in carrying out and assisting with event management in their future careers and in volunteering with community activities wherever they choose to live and work.
Hubbertville School Breakroom Buddies Education  $          8,648.89 To purchase 3 picnic tables and 3 garbage cans and a bench for a break area for our students. 
Fayette County Memorial Library Discovery Kits Education  $          2,901.11 To Purchase Discovery Kits for use In the library.
Hubbertville Youth Athletic Association Community Park Restoration General  $          9,225.00 This grant will be used to replace the dilapidated fencing on our smallest youth baseball/softball field. This park is used by all of the community members of Hubbertville and supports the youth sports programs for the Hubbertville community.
Berry High School BHS Beautification Project General  $          6,525.00 Berry High School is undertaking a revitalization of our campus. We would like to engage our community with a landscaping project that would include our entire campus. Our school is one of the main focal points or our community. We would like to ensure that all visitors to our small town leave with a positive opinion of our school. Many people only see the outside of our school, so we would like to make it as appealing as possible. 
City of Eutaw Carver School Community Center Renovation General  $       10,750.00 To Purhcases building needs, such as: heating and cooling, bathroom renovation, a PA system and general maintenance.
Greene Co. Commission Courthouse Beautification General  $          5,000.00 On the old Courthouse Square we have two trees that need removing. One may be able to be saved with just removing some dead limbs. The Courthouse is also in need of some beautification in the flower beds, etc.
Town of Forkland Forkland One Stop Innovation Center Education  $          4,000.00 The Innovative Program will continue to provide both educational and technology trainings for its participants to sustain the challenges of the ever-changing technology society. In addition, the program will foster learning and training using the following techniques: hands-on applications, hardware and software programs, networking, virtual learning and many more integral techniques provided in the curriculum. Moreover, laptops, printers, Facebook portals, Office 365, and online programs are a few of the tools that will remain incorporated into the curriculum. With the extension of this program/project, participants will be able to utilize both their computer skills and knowledge in both personal and professional manner.
SCORE It’s a County Thing! Education  $       10,750.00 This grant will be used by several organization throughout the county; the groups will include SCORE who will address health issues in the community facing all ages, healthy life style changes will be their focus along with the Greene County Human Rights Commission; New Horizon Youth Group will take on construction to show the youth and the young at heart, the importance of knowing a skill, share hand on experiences by building project that will enhance their math and reading skills, explore job opportunities in the field, learning about site preparation, building materials and other skills that is needed when you live in a rural area. TBOC Boyz & Girlz Clubs will be formed throughout the county; a combined effort to insure that our youth are on a straight path to a successful life, this journey will enhance the lives of our families and improve the life of our county.
Greene CO Historic Society Promotion of Greene County Education  $          4,000.00 Our historical society in Greene county hosts a pilgrimage annually to introduce people from other areas of the state to our rich history and architecture. We would like to expand our audience to the four corners of the state. In order to reach more people we need to increase our advertising.
Hale County School System  Hale County Leadership Initiative Education  $          3,750.00 To support the Peer Helper Program he Peer Helper program has helped students stay in school, avoid risky behaviors, graduate, choose not to commit suicide, and make administrators aware of students’ situations at home that required social services intervention.
Newbern Public Library  Full STEAM ahead Education  $          5,000.00 to purchase scientific models, a beginner’s microscope, rocket kits and various art supplies, all to give the participants a hands on experience each month in addition to scheduling presentations from local artist, teachers and professionals to introduce them to the components of STEAM.
Hale County High School  HCHS Baseball Field Stairs Education  $       10,000.00 Install concrete Stairs leading down hill from school to ball field.
Hale County EMA  Oxygen Generation Equipment Upgrade General  $          6,750.00 This equipment generates medical grade oxygen and is housed inside a 18 foot trailer and can go any where in the state. The filters and the carbon beds that separate out the oxygen have quit working and the system needs to be repaired and upgrade so it can continue to serve West Al. This equipment is part of the mobile hospital unit that has served hundreds in our state.
HERO  Downtown Community Impact Proposal General  $          5,000.00 This project is in three parts which tie to priorities identified by a new community outreach interest group developing in Greensboro, Alabama. This leadership has focused in on enhancing business downtown and the corner of Highway 69 and Main Street has been identified as being strategic to this effort.
Hale County Sheriff Office  Drone General  $          4,000.00 The sheriff’s office drone project was enacted to assist the county law enforcement and first responders with locating lost persons, video and photographic information that will assist in carrying out daily responder functions. 
Town of Beaverton  City Park General  $          8,356.90 To purchase playground Equipment for the city park to encourage activity in the children in of the community.
Northwest Regional Library  Book Bonanza! Education  $          8,750.00 The four Lamar County libraries are in need of new books in all classifications. These books would allow the libraries to update and enlarge their book collections for adults, teens, and children.
Northwest Regional Library  Library as Learning Spaces Education  $       10,000.00 The four Lamar County libraries wish to update and expand their learning spaces to make their libraries more welcoming, attractive, and functional.
South Lamar School Desks for Students General  $          7,393.10 This project would be to purchase desks for our 3rd through 6th grade classrooms. Desks for these students have not been purchased since the school opened in 1986.
Aliceville Public Library Library Circulation Desk Functionality Upgrade Education  $          5,550.00 We would like to replace the fax machine and the two desktop computers with more efficient units.
Carrollton Public Library Computers Education  $          4,350.00 eplacement of 5 computer and monitors and Micro Soft Office 2019 software for each
Pickens County Career Academy Building Instructional Resources Education  $          2,500.00 The Ellison STEM education tools will allow the Teacher Cadet students to experience STEM education themselves and further student knowledge to creating grade appropriate lesson plans. Exploring and engaging practices for implementation with classroom instruction aligns student preparation and experience for current classroom trends and needs to continuously evolve student achievement.
Pickens County Career Academy Alabama 4-H Science School Field Trip Education  $          2,500.00 The project desired is for second year students to travel to Alabama’s 4-H Science School in Columbiana, Alabama of a two night, three day educational experience in science education. 4-H Science School provides information and training of science school for all grade levels
Pickens County Career Academy The Ron Clark Academy for Seniors Education  $          3,850.00 The Ron Clark Academy Project will be to travel to the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA to attend a full day of their ‘one day educator training’ program.
Aliceville Elementary School Stage Curtains General  $          8,600.00 To puchase curtains for AES Stage.
Town of Carrolton Walking Track & Park General  $          7,150.00 the funds will be used to help construct a public park and walking track for the benefit of the general public.
UWA University Research Symposium General  $          3,000.00 The University Research Symposium (URS) is a successful effort to promote research culture within UWA for both undergraduate and graduate students.
UWA Science Saturdays General  $          2,000.00 Please visit the Science Saturdays website for more information and pictures of activities (http://www.uwa.edu/ScienceSaturdays).
UWA Digging up the Past Education  $          2,350.00 “Digging Up the Past” invites participants to experience what it is like to be a paleontologist or archaeologist over an entire project period. While a traditional dig can take months to accomplish we will be able to complete a dig in just two days via structured activities and production of reproduction fossils & artifacts to be found. This program will be a valuable tool in sparking awareness for students in STEM education fields.
University Charter School Putting T in Stream Education  $       10,000.00 University Charter School’s STREAM curriculum includes six core components: Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics
UWA Girls Get Out Education  $          2,400.00 Girls Get Out will focus on school age girls’ leadership skills, team work, communication, social interaction, health and wellness education, environmental diversity experiences, civic responsibilities, and other soft skills.
Panola Enrichment Center PCEC Floor Renovation Project General  $          3,000.00 The PCEC building is the community’s only public gathering place since the closure of our school. Due to the age, use and wearing of the floor in the facility, the PCEC Board of Directors find it necessary to replace the flooring in the facility.
UWA Sumter/ Marengo Water Festival Education  $          4,000.00 This is a hands-on conservation education event for all fourth-grade students in Sumter and Marengo counties. This project teaches the importance of our groundwater and what we can do to conserve it.
Voices of Triumph, LBT Community Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration General  $          2,500.00 Panola is a small, rural community in the Black Belt that is economically depressed with a prevailing attitude of hopelessness. Voices of Triumph, LBT is attempting to bring the community together around a “Community Christmas Tree Lighting” event. This event is proposed for December 7, 2019.
Alabama Onsite Waste Water Training Center Alfa Environmental Hall Landscaping Project General  $          5,250.00 To refurbish and beautify the grounds around Alfa Environmental Hall, a facility previously made possible through other Tombigbee RC&D projects.
Sipsey Valley High School Greenhouse Education  $          4,600.00 Purchasing a greenhouse for our self contained special needs students. This project will teach working skills when planting, maintaining, and cultivating plants, flowers, and vegetables.
 Tuscaloosa Family Resource Center Holt Elementary School After School/Summer Program Education  $          4,000.00 The HOPE after school and summer program, is a comprehensive, multi-tiered academic and enrichment program, for 75 students and their families at Holt Elementary School (HES). The ability to offer a safe environment during hours when risk factors are most prevalent where children receive additional academic support and engage in a variety of constructive enrichment activities
Romulus VFD Equipment General  $          4,275.00 Our project is to acquire special patient handling equipment for the safe removal of the patients from the multi story Apartment Complex in Romulus.
PARA Woodland Trail at Miller Center Education/ General  $          5,475.00 The masterplan for the trails included a wooded trail through the woods and a bridge to cross a creek which would connect back to the trail.
Town of Vance Park Learning/Landscaping Education  $          3,000.00 Our goal is to plant trees between the park and Nature Walk subdivision as a sound and light buffer, conservation of the soil in the area and beautification. We also plan to plant fruit trees along our trail to use as a source of food, education (classes on plants, pruning, etc;) and beauty.
Jeremiah’s Garden Fencing Education  $          4,000.00 To a fair distribution of food the garden area is fenced. This fencing was there years and tears before the garden was started and has long been needing repair.
Extension Service (Laura Miller) STEM Robots (Schools) Education  $          2,000.00 to Purchase STEM robots.
Angel’s Hope “Boxes of Hope” General  $          2,000.00
Hagler Dist 3 VFD Equipment – Fire Hoses, Nozzles General  $          2,650.00 we are needing assistance to update our fire hoses and nozzles.
MAYFIELD VFD Station Repair, Sign General  $          2,000.00 To Repair Station Sign.

Congratulations to all our grant winners for 2020!

Tombigbee Resource Conservation & Development Council would like to say a special ‘Thank-You’ to all our state legislators for their assistance in making these projects work for the betterment of our people and our communities!