2016 Projects


Completed 2016 Projectsforrestry-10

Bibb County  


Bibb County Soil & Water Conservation District utilized RC&D funds to conduct agricultural hands-on training for educators, helping Ag Teachers to teach components such as timber stand improvement, forest insects, diseases and topographic map interpretations.

Brent/Centreville Public Library utilized RC&D Funds to teach beginning and intermediate computer classes and classes about free available software for documents, bookkeeping, reports and school projects to community citizens who had not had prior access to the information.

Bibb County Career Academy used $5,000.00 in RC&D Funds to purchase a Priefert Squeeze Chute with a palpation cage and 22 livestock panels to incorporate livestock production into their teaching curriculum.

Alabama Historic Ironworks Commission was granted RC&D Funds to upgrade the sewer system at Tannehill State Park in Farley Field, which is the park’s main special events area.

The University of Alabama Center for Economic Development used funds to partner with local organizations and governments to sustainably develop the Cahaba River as a national recreational destination while making it more accessible to nearby citizens.

The Neighborhood House utilized RC&D Funds to provide individuals with opportunities to enhance the quality of their lives.

Cahaba Christian Academy utilized RC&D Funds to provide grass seed to seed the most recent clearing of the property northeast of the ball fields and to provide crepe myrtles for curb appeal.

Fayette Countyfayette-co-ffa-metal-fab-project-photo-3

The Fayette County FFA Alumni Association used RC&D Funds to purchase new equipment for the AgriScience Department which will allow students to experience training in and about metal fabrication through the use of a computer numeric controlled (CNC) plasma cutter.

Hubbertville School in Fayette County utilized RC&D Funds to purchase much needed classroom supplies to teach their students standards and objectives which were available to students from other schools.

The Fayette County Commission received $7,398.84 from Tombigbee RC&D to insulate the Fayette County Extension Office to increase the R value from near zero in parts of the office to R30 throughout, which will save tremendously on power bills.

The Fayette County AgriScience Department received funds to begin Phase 2 of a greenhouse facility to the department.

Greene CountyGreene County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association sponsored Girl Scout Troup 408 in requesting funds to be used for teaching social graces to the girls by exposing them to social and cultural events which build character and self esteem.

Greene County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association was awarded $1,200.00 from Tombigbee RC&D to provide for teaching of social graces to young ladies in Girl Scout Troup 408 by exposing them to social and cultural events which build character and self esteem.

SCORE, Inc. was awarded two grants; one educational and one general, from Tombigbee RC&D to provide internet and tutorial services for youth and funds to replace computers and software and to conduct workshops on weekends and summer months.

The Town of Boligee received funds to create an organic, sustainable, edible oasis around a walking trail to provide shade as well as fruit for kids to harvest throughout the year. The project also included rain barrels, irrigation system for low maintainence, non-toxic sprays for pest control and composting to feed the soil.

Hale County


Southern Academy received $1,018.95 in funds from Tombigbee RC&D to purchase iPads for the students to have one-on-one time to learn recognition of letters and to serve as positive reinforcement for good behavior.

Moundville Elementary School received RC&D Funds to purchase Apple iPad Minis, cases, Defender Series and one Kensington Universal Charge and Sync Cabinet for Tablet, PCS for 3rd grade students.

Greensboro Middle School received RC&D Funds to enlighten students and make them aware of opportunities available and to encourage students to defent and promote the rights and general welfare of all students, serving as an active forum for student’s ideas and to develop high spirit among the ranks of the student body.

The Greensboro Farmers Market received two RC&D Grants; one General and one Educational, to promote the local farmers and to furnish nutritional information.

Southern Academy received grant funds to enrich the classroom experiences of students by enhancing their interactive use of the Whiteboard through the use of ceiling speakers and a document camera and exposing the students to books through the use of CD players.

Hale County Board of Education received RC&D Funds in the amount of $1,057.00 to fill the gap by providing two field trips for approximately 60 children ages 3-5 to be recruited from the HIPPY Program and the Pre-K classes at Greensboro Elementary.

Hale County Hospital received grant funds to purchase therapy equipment to better serve their patients in that department and to help improve the patient’s outcomes, readying them for the activities of living.hale-county-hospital-therapy

Greensboro Fire Department received $4,750.00 in RC&D Funds to purchase a thermal imaging camera for people safety at home fires.

The Stewart Community Association received RC&D Funds to upgrade a community park to provide a safe and friendly environment for adults and children to exercise and play for physical fitness.

Southern Academy received $1,804.44 in RC&D Funds to purchase Fundae Sundae Software to walk students through Word documents by teaching them to use the documents to their advantage.

Southern Academy also received RC&D Funds to bring the school library up-to-date.

Lamar County


Sulligent High School received $1,500.00 from Tombigbee RC&D to get the Math, English and Science Modules copied and bound for high school students taking “Laying the Foundation” pre-AP and AP Classes.

The Lamar County Commission received $13,500.00 in RC&D Funds to upgrade the Probate Judge Tag Office and the Lamar County Solid Waste Office in the Courthouse Annex Building.

The Lamar County School of Technology utilized RC&D Funds to upgrade the Health Science classroom to allow students to test for their CNA License beginning this year.

The Lamar County Board of Education/South Lamar School received two RC&D Grants for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of a Tablet Initiative Program to purchase tablets for students and teachers to update the technology within the instructional process.

Northwest Regional Library received both Educational and General Grants from Tombigbee RC&D to replace outdated books with more expensive non-fiction versions which were more relevent to students gathering information for current projects and reports.

Pickens County


Carrollton Public Library used RC&D Funds to purchase Lego sets to assist the students in writing stories and computer software to encourage reading and improving math skills.

Pickens County Soil & Water Conservation District received $1,264.00 from Tombigbee RC&D to purchase an EnviroScape Model to teach students how to identify different types of pollution and how to utilize best management practices.

Aliceville Elementary School received RC&D Funds to incorporate technology into the classroom by allowing hands-on learning.

Gordo High School Athletic Club received $20,000.00 from Tombigbee RC&D to replace perimeter and exterior fencing around the football field that had fallen into disrepair.

Sumter County


The Town of Epes received $4,800.00 in RC&D Funds to build a large pavilion to accomodate outdoor space for public and private events, workshops, host farmers markets and to provide a source of revenue for the town by renting the facility.

The City of Livingston received RC&D Funds to add a concrete pad and fix the batting cages that were leaning and to put down artificial turf for a hitting surface.

The Town of Gainesville utilized RC&D Funds to conduct a series of workshops outling the harmful effects of toxic chemicals used in the home and ways to create safer non-toxic products using everyday environmentally friendly ingredients found in most home pantries.

The Sumter/Marengo Water Festival Committee received RC&D Funds to conduct three hands-on activities (watershed in a box, edible aquifer and filteration) that would give students a better understanding of the importance of water.

The University of West Alabama received $3,000.00 from Tombigbee RC&D to test the role of probiotics on plants during periods of stress such as drought and insect infestation.

Tuscaloosa Countyscience-in-the-sun-pic-10

Crestmont Elementary School received $1,500.00 in RC&D Funds to turn an unattractive area outside their classroom into a learning environment where students could learn about plants, bird recognition and wildlife observation.

Tuscaloosa County Fire Protection Association, Inc. received RC&D Funds to purchase equipment to be divided between nine community fire departments.

Tuscaloosa County Schools received RC&D Funds to purchase a year’s subscription to PebbleGo consisting of five interactive databases targeted for grades pre-K through three.

The Town of Vance received $4,500.00 in RC&D Funds to build a fence around federal wetlands to protec the wetlands.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church was awarded $2,500.00 in RC&D Funds to purchase a garden tiller for Jeremiah’s Community Garden which provided over 4,500 pounds of fruits and vegetables to area foodbanks and charities throughout the community.