Grant Apps & Info

Grant Opportunities with Tombigbee RC&D

If you are interested in receiving a grant from the Tombigbee RC&D Council, you may submit an application between July 1st and September 15th.  Grant applications are available online during this period. If you have any questions or would like additional information, you may contact our office at:

2501 7th Street, Suite 300, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401


Guide Lines for Final Reports – 2018

What to know about Tombigbee RC&D Grants

Tombigbee RC&D grants are used to fund projects that carry out activities that accelerate the development, conservation and wise use of human, financial and natural resources in order to improve the standard of living within our area.

  • The projects must take place in one or more of the eight counties served by the Tombigbee RC&D Council: Bibb, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Lamar, Pickens, Sumter or Tuscaloosa
  • The application minimum is $2,000.00
  • Food/snacks is not a valid grant expense…no reimbursement will be made for food
  • Please list the Senate/House district your project will take place in. You can find a list of senators and representatives here.

Tombigbee provides two grant sources:  General Fund grants and Educational grants.

What is a Tombigbee RC&D Education Grant?

Educational Grants provide funding for educational projects that deliver information and training.  Of primary importance is environmental education, innovative sustainability practices and job skill development.

What is a Tombigbee RC&D General Fund Grant?

General Fund Grants provide funding to support “on the ground” projects that improve public facilities and services and demonstrate sustainable natural resource conservation or development practices.  These funds are meant to be “seed grants”, where a little funding will go a long way, or where there are multiple funding partners.  Examples may include:  stormwater facilities, first responder support, innovative wastewater applications and public recreation.

What are the match requirements?

Tombigbee RC&D does not require matching funds for the project.  However if in-kind contributions or donations of time or supplies are expended, grantees should document the contributions in the final report which will be calculated toward the Total Project Value.

Tombigbee RC&D Grants will not fund:

  • Capital Assets
  • Operational phases of established programs
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Individuals working independently
  • Post-event or after the fact situations
  • Land purchases

If you should have questions, need assistance in completing the application, or need help in determining if your proposed project is eligible, contact your local RC&D representatives or call the Tombigbee RC&D Office in Tuscaloosa. (205) 464-8313